Feeding South Florida’s Afterschool Snack Program ensures children receive the proper nutrition they need to learn, play, and thrive.


Through a partnership with the Florida Department of Health (DOH), Feeding South Florida is able to provide snacks free of charge to Partner Agencies who meet the DOH requirements. Oftentimes, under-served children only have access to meals through school breakfast and lunch programs; therefore, the snacks that children receive through our program can impact whether or not a child goes to bed hungry since it could be the last thing a child eats before bed. Snacks are low in sugar, fat, and sodium.


  • There are currently 5 sites enrolled in the afterschool snack program
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County
  • Centro Campesino
  • I Have a Dream – Overtown
  • Roxy TheaterHis House


Agencies that are able to meet the DOH requirements for snacks, and agencies who comply with the on-going required paperwork, are able to pick up snacks free of charge on a weekly basis. Agencies that are not eligible for free snacks are able to purchase pre-made packs by the box. Each box contains 30 pre-made packs.

To learn more about program funding opportunities, please contact Sari Vatske, VP of Community Relations at 954.518.1839 or via email at svatske@feedingsouthflorida.org